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Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson® Rental Benefits & FAQ


With a selection of the most recent model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles to choose from, Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals will help you decide which is the best bike for you. There isn´t a better way to try-before-you-buy.

Rental Benefits

  • Rent BEFORE you buy. When you purchase a motorcycle from us within 30 days of renting, one day´s rental fee is applied toward your purchase.
  • Ride late model Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Serviced and prepared to Motor Company standards.
  • Use a genuine Harley-Davidson DOT approved helment.
  • Secure, ample short-term luggage storage at rental facility.
  • 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.
  • Optional rental coverage available for riders and passengers.
  • Rain gear available for rider and passenger.


Q. Are your rentals the same as HOG™ Fly and Ride?
A. No, HOG Fly and Ride is a separate fleet from ours. Fly and Ride must be reserved and prepaid only through HOG, usually requiring three weeks advance. 1-800-CLUBHOG.

Q. How long is a rental?
A. Our Rate structure is based on a 24-hour rental. I.E., if you take a bike out by 11 am it is due back before 11 am the next day.

Q. If I wanted to rent for an extra day can I just come in a day late and pay the extra day’s fees?
A. No! You must call and have us add the extra rental time you wish to have,before your original time expires.We can adjust agreement and coverage as needed.  However, a different customer may have rented the bike after your initial rental period,, so you may have to return bike at appointed time!!!!

Q. What is the helmet law in South Carolina?
A. State Law indicates: those over 21 have a choice on whether or not to wear a helmet. However, Harley Davidson rental rules dictate; YOU MUST WEAR A D.O.T. APPROVED HELMET While riding our rental. Our helmets are available free of charge.

Q. Are there any reservation/cancellation fees?
A. Yes. A reservation deposit of $50.00 is required during all Rallies and $25.00, for the rest of the year.  During Rallies cancellation must be 48 hours before first day of the rally and during the rest of the year cancellation must be 48 before appointment.If these rules are not met deposit is forfieted. One hour past reservation point, reservation will be cancelled and bike will be available for rental.

Q. Will my insurance cover the rental motorcycle?
A. Most insurance policies DO NOT cover a motorcycle rental. You must confirm that status with your insurance provider. If you are covered, have your insurance company fax us, at 843-233-8509, with your basic information, copy of your declaration page  or  ins wallet card. We contact them to assure your financial security. Liability coverage is Mandatory in South Carolina.

Q. Can my family members ride as passengers?
A. All passengers must sign waivers at the rental counter, they must wear a DOT approved helmet, and they must ride one passenger at a time.

Q. Can my family members operate the rental?
A. Additional operators must be on the contract. A one-time fee of $10.00 per additional operator will be added. They must also meet our requirements for operator.

Q. Can I leave my car in your parking lot?
A. We accept NO responsibility for vehicles left over-night in our parking lot. We do not tow cars from our lot unless it is a hazard, or abandoned.

Q. If I don’t like the bike I chose, can I get a different one?
A. You can swap for a different bike but a price increase might be required. Subject to availability.

Q. Can I pay cash for the deposit or rental?
A. No, payment must be on a major Credit Card, not a debit card.

Q. How long ahead of time do I need to make a reservation?
A. We suggest making a reservation as soon as you know what day(s) you wish to rent. This will help to assure you get the model you want. Bike week we start to get calls in January. Call for a reservation as soon as your plans are set. Rallies require a $50.00 deposit. Even during bike week it is some times possible to rent  a bike due to cancellations, etc. Please call! During non-rally weeks we will most likely have something to rent, however to get a model you want, call ahead!

Q. Can I drop off my bike after hours or at another store in town?
A. No. Pick up and drop off bike at rental location only.

Q. What is the benefit to renting before I buy a Harley®: bike?
A. You get the chance to feel how the bike performs at your leisure. If you are looking at a few styles, you can swap and compare which is more your own style. One day´s rental fee will apply toward the purchase price if you buy from us within 30 days.

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